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Delta Maid Outside Looking In Rar

The vice captain of the Pleiades would later welcome back Narberal Gamma who returned from her expedition outside of Nazarick and like the others listened to Narberal's account in her encounters with humans.Taking Narberal's word about humans at face value due that they referring them as "maggots" was the norm, she and the maids practice with each other. The act was noticed by Momonga who then directed Sebas Tianto correct some of their misconceptions.[15]

Delta Maid Outside Looking In Rar

Yuri would eventually get to explore the outside world when Momonga called the Pleiades to explore an island that connected to Nazarick via an unstable [Gate]. To assist them, Yuri and hersisters were given swimsuits by Pandora's Actor. With the protagonist and Slimeko's help Yuri and her sisters found that the island was once a base for a pirate crew. Upon discovering the basethe Nazarick agents came to fight several undead pirates. Yuri leading the team found a hidden port and after swimming in the water she found the wreck. Once the wreck of the pirate ship was dredged up, Yuri wasattacked by a Giant Mollusk forcing the maids to fight together to slay it. The adventure though ended with the maids retrieving many abandoned valuables for Nazarick.[25]

Yuri and CZ were the only escorts that stayed with Slimeko and the protagonist as they returned to E-Rantel. Just as they approached the city, the four caught sight of an army outside the boundaries facingagainst defenders from the Re-Estize Kingdom. Having a bad feeling, Yuri urged her friends to get closer to determine the situation.[65] From theirposition Yuri reported that King Ramposa III and Crown Prince Barbro Andrean Ield Ryle Vaiself that were leading both armies had just vanished, followed by several soldiers in the armies. She and hercompanions could not discern what was attacking them as it appeared to be invisible. The maid followed the protagonist in heading to the city where they found it to be in chaos due to Chaos Beasts that hadappeared via the many Cracks that opened in the area. Worse all magical communication was blocked in the city leaving them without support from Nazarick. Yuri and CZ escorted the protagonist and Slimeko throughthe city to reach the E-Rantel Magic Research Institute to hopefully meet up with Soi stationed there. The group traveled through the city, fighting when they had to and even fleeing when an invisible entity appeared. The group met up with Jugem's Goblin Troop and afterwards separated to reach the E-Rantel's Cemetery. There at the institute, she and her friends were horrified to find the place in ruins and all the researchers dead. Thankfully they found Soi, Fluder and Nfirea still alive on the lower levels. Before they could approach Soi warned then of the Spear Chaos Beast that was still there. Yuri and CZ were forced to fight the creature, but found that the monster was able to vanish and reappear, making it difficult to attack. Once it was determined that the Chaos Beast was not using invisibility but teleportation, Yuri and CZ were able to somewhat launch a counterattack, but stepped out of the way to allow Soi to deal with it so that they could rest. But even she was not match for it, forcing Nfirea to release a recently cured Gazef Stronoff from his cell. Yuri and her sisters watched in awe as the Warrior Captain not only fought on par with the Chaos Beast but displayed superior abilities that that were beyond a human's capability. Soon Brain Unglaus and Climb arrived to deliver Razor Edge to Gazef so he could slay the monster, only for a Crack to form directly in the room.[66]

When they were merely in puppy love and dating, she idolized and glorified him, projecting her ideal of a BoyfriendTM without looking deeper. Meanwhile, while sitting alone at a shrine, Mizuto muses about how he considered the world of books to be the true reality, and the outside world a mere illusion.

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