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Medieval RPG Town Music Compilation Vol.1 - Best Of Game Fantasy Soundtrack OST Tracklist

The game's visuals and use of FMV cutscenes were lauded by critics. IGN's Jay Boor insisted the game's graphics were "light years beyond anything ever seen on the PlayStation", and regarded its battle system as its strongest point.[4] Critics also praised its gameplay and writing. In Computer and Video Games magazine, Paul Davies said the "thrilling" and "magnificent plot" would "rock your emotions" and "revolutionise your belief of what a video game can achieve"[132] while Alex C praised the dramatic story and well-developed characters.[166] In addition to calling the graphics "bar none the best the PlayStation has ever seen", Next Generation said of the story that "while FFVII may take a bit to get going, as in every entry in the series, moments of high melodrama are blended with scenes of sheer poetry and vision".[150] Uematsu's soundtrack also attracted acclaim. Edge noted that Final Fantasy VII had come close to being an interactive movie in playable form, praising its combination of a complex story that went against Western graphic adventure trends and "excellently orchestrated chip music".[133] RPGamer praised the game's soundtrack, both in variety and sheer volume, stating that "Uematsu has done his work exceptionally well" and saying that it was potentially his best work.[167]

Medieval RPG Town Music Compilation Vol.1 - Best of Game Fantasy Soundtrack OST Tracklist

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PSA: this list excludes licensed music soundtracks, so unfortunately we had to skip iconic games with compilations like Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Guitar Hero, and Elite Beat Agents, but rest assured, we love those games too.

One of the best games for the Commodore Amiga, Speedball 2 was a futuristic sports game thats something like handball turned into an intense arcade experience. It distilled all that was good about the first Speedball and seems like a distant ancestor of games like Rocket League. One of the best things about Speedball 2 is its music, a mix of dark techno, industrial and acid house that fit its dystopian futuristic setting. The music was created by Nation 12, a group led by John Foxx, the former singer of the synthpop group Ultravox who was one of the first mainstream music figures to ever work on a video game. Speedball 2 makes this list for not only that piece of music trivia, but also as a great soundtrack of then-contemporary music for one of the best gaming computers of its era. [Ryan Gibbs]

Tim Follin is one of those names that is spoken about with awe in video game music circles. He was very modest about his talent, but he often pushed the boundaries of video game hardware to create music that seemed borderline impossible for the era. One of his best works is for Solstice, a perfectly serviceable isometric fantasy puzzle game for the NES that opens with a cute bloopy score before it blasts off with a bombastic fanfare and then becomes a complicated Proggy composition full of tricky time signature changes influenced by the band Yes. The opening theme is the best known piece of work for the soundtrack, but the rest of it is just as good, both atmospheric and psychedelic, and pushing the sound of the NES sound chip to new heights. 041b061a72

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