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3D Live Pool Full Version 2.7: A Free (Basic) PC Games Program for Windows with Realistic Physics and Graphics

2016 has been an amazing year for us here at structure studios. weve celebrated 15 years of providing online design software, including 3d pools, virtual buildings, and much more to our members around the world. weve also celebrated our 15th anniversary. weve watched as you, our clients, have worked with our products to build life-changing designs around the world from your kitchen to your back yard to your dream home. weve watched as youve created masterpieces using our pool design software, created with the goal of providing the most accurate, precise, and detailed design experience available today. today, we thought that our 15th anniversary would be a great time to celebrate our 15 years of amazing and useful software by releasing a new lifestyle pack version 2.7. we know how important it is to you for us to make your job easier and we want to say thank you by giving you more new tools to make your clients life better than ever with a new set of upgrades! the features included in today s update include: new design - new color options including rgb mix colors, plus a new look for the art in your design. new landscaping - you can now create beautifully landscaped land and lawn designs, including new arbors, plans, and many more. new pool design - with 14 new pool color options and new wall coverings, your designs are richer than ever. new 3d pool - we released a new live experience that lets you save your own design for later or share it with your clients. new sharing options - you can now share photos and videos as theyre being created or post it once its done! new collection of images - the new images library lets you save and access images youve created and that you can use later for later projects. there are no more limits to the size or number of 3d images and videos you can create with structure studios 3d pool design software. accessible to all - we didnt forget anyone. the new features are compatible with window xp, microsoft windows 8 and 8.1, apple mac os x 10.6 or above. unlike other software, structure studios 3d pool design software doesnt require you to have a 3d printer or make use of any other 3d-scanning machine to get your design to life!

3d live pool full version 2.7

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