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More and more women choose to undergo breast augmentation or remodelling (breast uplift). While any rejuvenation surgery requires the woman to reach certain age, women may long for larger breasts from the moment they discover that their breasts won't grow bigger. That is why we treat not only girls barely of age, but also ladies in their fifties, who decide to remove this handicap and their health allows them to undergo the intervention.

nice breasts

In addition to the above-mentioned chemico-physical tests, mechanical stress tests are equally important. During tensile strength tests the implant cover is stretched up to 450% of its original length. The package must be free from any damage after the test. The correct thickness and uniformity of the implant cover is also checked to ensure its strength. The thickness is different for each model. Previous implant covers were too thick, so breasts might not have looked natural after the surgery and were hard when touched. The implant cover could become thinner after the development of the cohesive gel. The thickness of current implant covers ensures a natural look and perfect strength. It is usually in the range of up to 2 millimetres.

Hello Everyone. After an update with pictures of girls covering their boobs I thought you might want one of them NOT covering their boobs. Pictures of girls with nice breasts whether big or small. Enjoy ... - Webmaster

Breast reduction surgery aims to reduce the size and improve the shape of the breasts to make them more proportional. The nipple will also be re-positioned. This surgery can also be used to correct breasts that are of unequal size. 041b061a72

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